Architects & Oh, Sleeper Turn to Crowdfunding to Support Upcoming Releases

With times quickly changing, Architects and Oh, Sleeper are among the latest bands to turn to crowdfunding to support their upcoming releases.

Today Architects launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their upcoming One Hundred Days film.

“Our time with Century Media is now finished and we wanted to use this time as an unsigned band to release this DVD. This allows us to do it exactly the way that we want to. Funding this project through Indiegogo not only allows us to cut out the middle man but also allows us to gain an idea of demand.”

Oh Sleeper, also free agents, launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new EP.

“We have found ourselves finished with our album contract and after talking with our old label and several prospective new ones, we decided to hit the PAUSE button and started talking about doing this ourselves this time.” The band added, “We need some repairs to our van, a new trailer, but moreover, we want to release a BRAND NEW EP OF OH, SLEEPER MUSIC based on an awesome concept from Micah and brand new music from the band this summer.”

Details on both campaigns can be found here and here respectively.