Austin Carlile Comments on Rejoining Of Mice & Men

Vocalist Austin Carlile released a statement regarding his decision to rejoin Of Mice & Men. Carlile comments:

“As most of you have read I’m back in Of Mice & Men. The band contacted me about coming back, and recording another killer album with them a couple weeks back. We decided to put everything behind us and bring it back to when when were all close. So here we are now, day 3 in the studio, recording our second album! Really excited!

Also, I was working on a new project, with my friend Alan Ashby. We never had a name, or other set members so making the change over to OM&M was quite easy. I told the band I wouldn’t leave him behind, so Shay moved to bass, while Alan and Phil will be playing guitar! Alan and I just brought all of our set songs, and ideas/demos from the new project here to the studio and to use with OM&M. Works out pretty well, because I was really stoked for all the new music. But now, it’s just transferring over to OM&M! But you CAN still expect something else non-musically from me soon, keep on the lookout!

I’m really excited about this new change, and the whole band and myself are really excited for you all to hear what we have been working on! We have a HEADLINER, in March/April, and are also playing the entire VANS WARPED TOUR this Summer! So we better see you all there! I’ll post about this again soon, and answer any questions that may arise from it! Thanks so so much for all the love and support, now and especially over the past year when I have been out of the game or healing on a couch haha!”