CODE ORANGE on ASKING ALEXANDRIA: Fuck their Rockstar Mentality

Destroying venues, trashing hotels. In a recent interview with Rock Sound, Asking Alexandria talked about their party antics, and well… their disregard for any human beings other than themselves. This didn’t sit well with lots of people, including Code Orange, who called them out on it.

The band shared the interview on their Facebook and said:

Regretfully came across this awful interview.Losers like this are why we exist. Fuck bands and people like this and fuck their fake rockstar mentality. They will be the first to go

During the interview Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce talked about the time they trashed an entire hotel in Argentina with Chelsea Grin and Blessthefall.

He said,

We had the whole floor… and we just decided ‘fuck it, it’s our floor.’ We were smoking and drinking… by the end of it everything was smashed up and ruined… We decided to throw the flat screen TV across the room and smash that, had a great time.

Went to bed, woke up. We went downstairs to the reception and they were like ‘you’ve destroyed our hotel.’ Our tour manager was like ‘ok, don’t worry about it, here’s the credit card.’ They were like ‘no we don’t want your money, we want punishment.’

What? What do you mean you want punishment?

So we left.

Back when we interviewed Bruce in 2011, he expressed his admiration for actor Charlie Sheen.

I just want to meet him. I just want to party with him. I wish he’d call me and say ‘hey, come to my house tonight, and let’s go crazy.

Clearly not much has changed.