Cradle of Filth ‘Evermore Darkly’ CD/DVD Mini-Album Details

Details have been revealed for Cradle of Filth’s upcoming CD/DVD mini-album, Evermore Darkly…, due October 17th in Europe via Peaceville Records and October 18th in North America through Nuclear Blast.

The mini-album will feature a remix of “Forgive Me Father,” done by Rob C from Anthrax, an extended rendition of “Lilith Immaculate,” and demo versions of three Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa songs, along with a track teasing the band’s impending orchestral project.

The DVD includes performance footage from summer 2011, along with a documentary dubbed You Can’t Polish A Turd… But You Can Roll It In Glitter.

Evermore Darkly… Track Listing:

01. Transmission From Hell
02. Thank Your Lucky Scars
03. Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) – Elder Version
04. Lilith Immaculate (Extended Length)
05. The Persecution Song  – Elder Version
06. Forgive Me Father (I’m In A Trance)
07. The Spawn Of Love And War  – Elder Version
08. Summer Dying Fast (‘Midnight in The Labyrinth’ breadcrumb trail)

Venus Diversa DVD:

01. Lilith Immaculate Promo Video
02. ‘You Can’t Polish A Turd…But You Can Roll It In Glitter’ Rockumentary
03. Burning Down Graspop, Dessel, Belgium, 25th June 2011 Live Footage