Did FROM FIRST TO LAST Reunite with SONNY MOORE (aka Skrillex)?

Looks like there’s a good reason to believe so. And there’s a song clip to prove it.

Over the weekend Sonny Moore aka Skrillex appeared on his label’s Beats 1 radio show, and premiered a song clip calling it a “bonus track.” Clearly though, it’s From First To Last with his vocals.

Then things got crazy online. FFTL shared Skrillex’s post linking to the show… and now here were are talking about it.

Let’s add some context. When FFTL were working on their 2015 reunion record Dead Trees, they said they had been talking with Sonny about a collaboration. But for whatever reason things didn’t line up.

Maybe things are lining up now — especially since 2016 marks a decade since FFTL released their pinnacle album Heroine… Which was the last record Sonny appeared on.

Will there be a Heroine 10 year anniversary tour?