Is FEAR BEFORE Planning a 2017 Reunion?

fear before

As we’ve said before, 2017 may just be THE year for music. If this doesn’t kick off the New Year right nothing will. Remember Fear Before? Well they dropped some huge hints over the Holiday weekend. Can we say REUNION!?

At least that’s what it looks like from here. It appears the band will be regrouping in 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their 2006 studio album The Always Open Mouth. We presume they’ll be doing at least a few shows since they’re putting out a vinyl reissue of the effort in March.

Guitarist Adam Fisher told us earlier this year that there was talk about a reunion. When we interviewed his other project All Human, he assured us that if Fear Before were to regroup, it would be for the right reasons.

“I have seen a lot of bands doing ten year anniversaries or reuniting for one last tour, and it all seems so money driven.  There’s no way for me to answer this without sounding self -righteous. Fear Before the March of Flames was never about money.  We made a lot of really poor decisions based on principal (most of which I’m sure the other guys would blame me for).  That’s the kind of band we were.  If and when we play again, that’s the band we’ll continue to be.”

An official announcement has yet to be made, but we expect more details in the coming weeks.

Which brings up a new question: Will there be new Fear Before music in 2017?

Fingers crossed.