FOR TODAY Guitarist Kicked Out; Band says He Doesn’t “Believe in the Same Jesus”

Lots of drama surrounding For Today these days. You may remember how just a few weeks ago the band’s former guitarist called out frontman Mattie Montgomery for being in a cult; and now the group have kicked out guitarist Samuel Penner, apparently for not sharing the same religious beliefs, among other things.

Penner took to his blog to write a lengthy farewell post, explaining why the band gave him the boot.

Here’s an excerpt,

I was told that I was unequally yoked with the band because of my personal beliefs of how I should live my life after coming to know Jesus. For this reason, the band could no longer support me or walk with me on this path. (To be clear about this, for those who care, my personal belief is simply that a standard of living our lives after salvation has been set by God in the “Old Testament” law. Not for salvation but for living a life in service to God.)

He went on to say,

[I]t was dishonoring that they had found issues with me as a brother in the faith, but instead of pulling me aside personally or communally to talk through these issues, they simply came together without me and decided what would be most beneficial for me and my family.

Then added,

It was expressed by one member that “I don’t believe in the same Jesus or gospel” as the members of the band.

You can read the full post at his personal blog here.