Here’s a new STRAWBERRY GIRLS song that’ll make you swoon

strawberry girls

Like R&B/gospel-kinda swoon. The Girls are set to release their new album Italian Ghosts. It’s a re-recorded version of their 2011 EP of the same name. And this is one of 4 brand new tracks from it.

It’s called “Step Into The Light” — and it features guest vocals by Joey Lancaster (Belle Noire) and Kathleen Delano.

Guitarist Zachary Garren said,

“Kathleen ended up doing this incredible gospel/choir-esque hook that you hear in the second half of the song. We had her do a bunch of takes of that to make it sound real big like a choir. Then we had Joey Lancaster also layer the choir part with a bunch of male vocals, so that it sounds even more like a chorus of people singing together. This song ended up becoming this sort of r&b/gospel inspired track, so it’s pretty different than our usual sound which will be fun to see people’s reaction.”

You’ll be able to react next week when the band does a couple SoCal shows with The Body Rampant and So Much Light. On February 16th they’ll be at the Slide Bar in Fullerton. And on February 17th they’ll be in LA at the Hi Hat.

Italian Ghosts comes out February 17th through Tragic Hero.

Photo: FB