Philm (Slayer) Sign to Ipecac, ‘Harmonic’ Album Due in May

Philm, featuring Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Pancho Tomaselli (War), Gerry Nestler (Civil Defiance), have signed with Ipecac Recordings.

The band’s debut album Harmonic will be released on May 15th.

Harmonic Track Listing:

01.  Vitriolize
02.  Mitch
03.  Hun
04.  Area
05.  Way Down
06.  Harmonic
07.  Exuberance
08.  Sex Amp
09.  Amoniac
10.  Held in Light
11.  Dome
12.  Killion
13.  Mezzanine
14.  Mild
15.  Meditation