Pull Out Your Sea Lungs for Baroness

You know Fugazi charged no more than $5 for each show they ever played? That’s quite a bargain if you ask us; no wonder we like house shows so much! A couple years ago when we sat down for an interview with Baroness, they told us about the first time they saw the legendary DIY band. 

“I saw them in Richmond in ’94 or ’95,” John Baizley said. “They were doing a free outside show at the school there, VCU. It was incredible.”  He went on to say that “They were one of the classic bands that defined in so many ways the template that we try to stick to.”

We couldn’t agree more with that statement, Mr. Baizley. And speaking of incredible things, we’ve got our fingers crossed for new music from Baroness. If you remember our post from late last year, the band hinted that they were at God City Studio in Salem, MA recording with Converge’s Kurt Ballou (who has been doing everything these days, most recently the new album from Every Time I Die). We haven’t heard anything since, but if new music is in the works, it’ll be the first since their near-death bus accident in 2012.

Here’s a new live video of them performing their song “Sea Lungs,” taken off their 2012 album Yellow & Green.

Oh yeah, we’ve also included a stream of the album for fun.