Secret Band (Dance Gavin Dance) Ain’t So Secret No More; Stream their Debut EP

Will Swan is everywhere these days. He runs a record label and is in like 200 bands — and we’re cool with that. Remember Secret Band? Well, to refresh your memory, a couple years ago when Dance Gavin Dance was on the All Stars Tour, Jonny Craig got kicked off the trek. So DGD basically formed an offshoot called Secret Band that finished the remaining dates of the tour.

Now Secret Band have a new self-titled EP that’ll be released on vinyl on June 3rd. Lucky for you though, you can stream it in full below.

PS. They’re working on a full-length record and will enter the studio this month.

PPS. They’re playing a show in Sacramento on June 6th at the Assembly with Sianvar, Tilian, Stolas, and Our Native Tongue.