Thursday’s Geoff Rickly Releases ‘Darker Matter//Mixtape 2’

Thursday’s Geoff Rickly put out his second release today, titled Darker Matter//Mixtape 2.

It’s available for free stream/download on Bandcamp.

“Less widely known, is that this has been the most unbelievably difficult year of my life,” Rickly said. “My health has been in question, my outlook has been bleak and my heart has been a broken city.  I’ve stayed busy touring, meeting people, playing music… But, even then, I feel, ’I am carried in my shadow like a violinin its black case,’ as Tomas Transtromer said.”

He added, “This is my record of that time.  It is difficult.  And different from anything I’ve done before.  I’m so grateful to still make music on my own terms, anyway that I want… even as I miss my old bandmates more than I can express.”