Westing band releasing new EP, I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself

westing band

You know one band that’s been on our radar for a while… Westing. It’s a project spearheaded by former Daytrader and Heartless Breakers guitarist Matt Mascarenas. And they’re about to release their new EP,  I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself.

Before we dig into details of the effort, we’ve got to talk history. Westing initially started a couple years back as an acoustic emo project — and recently morphed into a full-fledged band.

Matt explained,

“After several solo shows, I quickly realized playing quiet acoustic songs by myself is not what I want to do. I need to be loud.”

And loud it is.

Westing teamed up with Brett Romnes (I Am the Avalanche) and Gary Cioni (ex-Daytrader) to record I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself late last year. It’s a 5-track EP that explores the poppier side of post-hardcore. You can hear some of it below.

I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself officially comes out this Friday, April 14th.