Converge stream Axe to Fall on Myspace

The entire new Converge album, “Axe to Fall”, can be heard on Myspace.

Woe of Tyrants Interview – Tribunal and Metal Blade, on the road, the writing process

Them Crooked Vultures fan footage

Quality fan footage of Them Crooked Vultures can be viewed here.

Puscifer EP in November

Puscifer is currently finishing up a new EP which should be made available in early November.

Korn and Lostprophets on LEGO Rock Band

Korn and Lostprophets will have tracks featured on the upcoming LEGO Rock Band game.

Gwen Stacy music video casting call

Gwen Stacy are in need of fans to be in their music video on Thursday, October 15th. Solid State Records has released the following statement: Gwen Stacy is currently looking for extras/fans to take place in their music video shoot this Thursday, October 15th! The shoot will take place in an abandoned...(Read More)