Daughters are touring with Dalek and Odonis Odonis


Nice we’ll be seeing lots of Daughters this year. The band will be heading out on a spring mini tour with Dalek and Odonis Odonis.

What you need to know about At The Drive-In’s new album — in·ter a·li·a

at the drive in

It means “among other things” in Latin. And it’s the band’s first album in 17 years, a follow-up to 2000’s Relationship of Command.

Every Time I Die, Wage War & ’68 are stopping in these cities

every time i die

Twenty cities at that. Every Time I Die, Wage War, and ’68 will be teaming up together for a tour this spring.

Animals As Leaders are going on tour with Korn

animals as leaders

Can’t say we saw this one coming. Animals As Leaders will be heading out this spring on a handful of dates with Korn.

Maynard is in the studio recording vocals for Tool’s new album

That’s one step closer to the next Tool record. Last September bassist Justin Chancellor confirmed that a new album was really on the way. And now they’re in the studio working on vocals.

This video is from Chon’s new DVD — “One of our favorite shows of all time”


How can you not want to jump offstage for Chon? The band is getting ready to release a live DVD — and you can preview 4 minutes of it right now.