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Job For A Cowboy blog update

Job For A Cowboy have posted a blog update after experiencing a series of unfortunate events over the past few weeks. The blog can be read here.

Job For a Cowboy Bus Breakdown in Canada

Job For a Cowboy have released the following statement in regards to their recent bus breakdown in Canada: “We just got back into the states after a few days up in Canada that were INSANE. Our bus broke down leaving us pretty much stranded on the side of the...(Read More)

Job For a Cowboy not dropping off GWAR/Lamb of God tour; canceling two weeks

Job For a Cowboy have confirmed that they indeed will not be dropping off their current tour with Lamb of God and GWAR. The band has been forced to cancel all shows from October 8 through October 25 due to a family emergency. They will rejoin the tour on...(Read More)

Job For a Cowboy drop off Lamb of God/GWAR tour

Job For a Cowboy have been forced to drop off the Lamb of God/GWAR tour due to a family emergency. The band has released the following statement: We are super bummed to announce we are going to have to drop off of our current tour with GWAR and Lamb of...(Read More)