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Nine Inch Nails ‘Another Version of the Truth: The Gift’ DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Nine Inch Nails fans have pooled their efforts to create a DVD/Blu-Ray, entitled “Another Version of the Truth: The Gift”. Last year, the band released a massive 405gb free download of raw HD footage captured at three different shows during the “Lights In The Sky” tour. Fans since have edited footage to...(Read More)

Reznor Gives 2010 Nine Inch Nails Update

Trent Reznor recently gave an update on Nine Inch Nails happenings, and what is in store for the 2010 year. Reznor stated the following: “Happy holidays everyone and thank you for an exceptional year! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, I’ve been working on not working for a...(Read More)

Nine Inch Nails Release ‘Another Version Of The Truth’ Trailer

Nine Inch Nails have release trailer for “Another Version Of The Truth”, a fan-made DVD/Blu-Ray set of the band’s 2008 Lights In The Sky Tour. The video can be seen below.  

Two Nine Inch Nails Live Performances Released on Bridge School Compilation

Two songs from Trent Reznor’s 2006 performance at the Bridge School Benefit, “Hurt” and “The Fragile”, have been released on iTunes as part of The Bridge School Collection Vol 4. The tracks can be purchased individually or as part of the full album. All proceeds go to Neil Young’s...(Read More)

Nine Inch Nails release downloadable ‘Downward Spiral’ fan DVD

Nine Inch Nails have released a downloadable DVD of their full “Downward Spiral” performance from Webster Hall during their “Wave Goodbye” tour. The band states that “the entire thing has been recorded, edited, and distributed entirely by fans, and it’s the latest example of the amazing things fans will...(Read More)