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…Of Sinking Ships – The Amaranthine Sea

Release Date: Mar 25th
…Of Sinking Ships – The Amaranthine Sea
(Broken Circle)

Track Listing:

01. It’s Easier With No Destination
02. Floating Through This Incessant Sea
03. Shifting Only With The Winds
04. Comforted By Predictable Current And Tide
05. Rumbling On Dark Winds, A Wicked Premonition
06. Suddenly, No More Brilliant Lights In Our Sky
07. And Then Your Squall Is Upon Me
08. Tumbling And Spinning In Your Wake
09. Colliding On Rocks I Knew Not Existed
10. Now, Only The Depths I See
11. As I Surface, With New Revelation Emblazoned
12. Breathing Anew
13. I Set Sail On Winds Of Renewal
14. For The Isle Of Reverie