AS CITIES BURN Break Up “This Time for Good”

Well not all things have a happy ending. As Cities Burn have officially called it quits for the second time — and this time it’s for real.

Drummer Aaron Lunsford talked about the disbandment,

The members of the band were down to myself, Stephen Keech, and Cody Bonnette. Our plan was to move forward as a three piece. This is pretty much all based on the fact that we live in Nashville, making the work of being in a band logistically possible. All the other past members have life going on outside of As Cities Burn and this band was not in their future plans. Myself, Keech, and Cody were excited to move forward and operate on some level as at least a part time band.

Cody and I have been playing music together since we were 19 years old. We are extremely close friends that have had to maneuver an artistic and business relationship…

On the business end, our relationship has been more complicated. In a nutshell, I had different expectations to what I wanted to accomplish with the new version of As Cities Burn. We just couldn’t get on the same page. It’s a strain on our friendship and my mental state. In many ways, As Cities Burn is toxic for me. Like a bad relationship that you can’t let go…

I’m sure that some will still not be satisfied with this explanation. Call me a pussy, tell me I’m worthless. Spew your hate and your entitlement if you must. I’m the only member (current anyways) of this band active on the internet to even communicate with ACB fans about what is going on. I apologize if my communication methods seem harsh. I’m not trying to give a “fuck you” to our fans as many have accused me of. It’s just done…

As Cities Burn formed in 2002 and released three studio albums. The band broke up originally in 2009 and regrouped a couple years later.

Back in 2008 we interviewed vocalist Cody Bonnette and bassist Colin Kimble. They talked about being a DIY band and lessons learned in the music industry.

Here’s a stream of that, along with their 2009 record Hell or High Water.