Ryan Minic of Ryan's Rock Show smiling at Bonnerhaus music venue in 2014Launched in 2007 and active for 11 years, Ryan’s Rock Show was a music website and interview series that delved into rock, metal, and hardcore genres. Founded by Ryan Minic, the platform became a repository of band news and exclusive interviews with renowned musicians.

The website served as a platform for musicians to share their stories, offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and the challenges and triumphs of a life in music. With a roster of notable interviews, including artists like Korn, The Mars Volta, and Skrillex, Ryan’s Rock Show provided an in-depth look into the dynamic world of heavy music.

Though no longer active, Ryan’s Rock Show remains a resource for music enthusiasts and aspiring artists. Its archive preserves a snapshot of a memorable period in music history.