ex-FOR TODAY Guitarist Says Frontman is in a Cult — a “Spiritually Abusive Situation”

Remember back in early 2013 when former For Today guitarist Mike Reynolds made headlines for posting homophobic tweets? He ultimately got kicked out of the Christian metal band after a huge public outcry. Well, the guy who said homosexuality was a sin and that there’s no such thing as a gay Christian is back in the news — this time he’s calling out frontman Mattie Montgomery for being in a cult. It gets weirder.

Reynolds made a lengthy post on his personal website titled “Is Mattie Montgomery in a Cult?” And to give you the Cliffs Notes version, he basically says the church Montgomery goes to isn’t aligned with biblical truth, and that he feels it’s his responsibility to call him out on it so that people following Mattie don’t get into a “spiritually abusive situation” or something.

Here’s an excerpt,

I am writing this for two reasons. First, because I served side-by-side with Mattie for 6 years I feel the responsibility to call him to alter his current trajectory and to re-align himself with Biblical truth. Second, because I care about young men and women who would seek to align themselves with Mattie and fall into a spiritually abusive situation.

I want to see both Mattie and those under his influence succeed in pure and simple devotion to Christ.

Anyway, you can read the full post here.

And just because, here’s our 2012 interview with Montgomery.