Lamb of God Sequencing Next Album

Lamb of God are currently in the process of sequencing their next album.

Frontman Randy Blythe comments via Tumblr, “So after months of writing, demoing, rewriting, re-demoing, preproduction (a fancy term we musicians like to throw around for, yes, that’s right, writing & demoing- makes us feel professional), then finally actually RECORDING these fucking things that seep into our brains, interrupt our sleep, screw up our home life, cause us to have emotional breakdowns & start arguments with anyone who wants to disagree with us at that moment, these FUCKING THINGS CALLED SONGS- it’s time to put them in an order and turn them into an ‘album’. And if you’re in a band like mine, that means arguing over which extra songs will go to exclusive releases with Best Buy, iTunes, & the ever popular Japanese bonus track (apparently most Japanese labels want an extra track or they won’t put out a gaijin record), and which songs will go into the circular file, perhaps to be drug out of the digital dustbin later, touched up, and given to someone who wants yet another ‘exclusive’ track for their iPhone app or deodorant commercial or whatever.”