The RRS Top 7 Albums of 2013

by | Dec 29, 2013

We prefer to pick the odds. That’s why instead of 10 we’re going with seven of our favorite albums of 2013. We know, there were a lot of rad records put out this year, but not all of them hit the spot like these did. So queue up Spotify and set aside the sauerkraut as we countdown the best albums of 2013. Don’t forget to add extra rum to that eggnog.



07. Native

(Sargent House)

We’ve had a huge crush on Native since the release of their 2010 album Wrestling Moves. Now with Orthodox, our infatuation with this Indiana quartet has become even more intense. Bold and daring with undertones that remind us of Fugazi, there’s nothing too orthodox about it. And that unconventionality is exactly why we love Native. Thanks for putting out one of the best records of the year. 



06. The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of Us is the Killer 

(Party Smasher/Sumerian)

We’re pretty sure Ben Weinman did it — or at least he did it again. The fifth studio album from the almighty Dillinger proves why this monster is the leading powerhouse of heavy music. And if you don’t believe us, check out the title track of the record or “Hero of the Soviet Union.” Dillinger reminds us again that it sure does feel good to be a sinner.



05. Queens of the Stone Age

…Like Clockwork

Any year-end list without the new QOTSA record isn’t worth caring about. Inspired by Josh Homme’s near death experience, …Like Clockwork is haunting and eerie, and catchy enough to stay in your bloodstream for weeks. And with guest appearances by Trent Reznor, Elton John and others, you can’t really go wrong. Crazy shit happens in the desert.



04. Letlive
The Blackest Beautiful


Nobody can deny that Letlive has carved a place for themselves in the world of heavy music. Stage antics aside, they’ve managed to capture the spirit of the times and speak to today’s youth with a nicely packaged rebellion. Songs like “Empty Elvis” and “27 Club” are indicators that the band is here to stay. And if we’ve learned anything in 2013, it’s that Letlive knows ll.ove.



03. Deafheaven


Pass the Coppertone Kids. Or you may get burned with the latest release from Deafheaven. Who would’ve guessed that a black metal band would create the perfect soundtrack for a nice summer day at the beach? A brilliant combination of bright and dark, heavy and melodic, Sunbather is the jam you need when building your epic sandcastle or strolling the boardwalk of Venice Beach. Make sure you catch them on tour with BTBAM.



02. NK
Nothing to be Gained Here

(Triple Crown)

The album title is a bit misleading. In fact, there’s a lot to be gained here with the debut release from NK. These Long Islanders have Kim Jong-il rolling in his grave with songs like “King” and “X It Out.” Oh, and the band also features Billy Rymer of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Whatever the future holds for these dudes, we wish them a long and successful korea.



01. Night Verses
Lift Your Existence

(Easy Killer)

If you snooze, you lose. So don’t get left behind on Night Verses, who lands at #1 with their album Lift Your Existence. You know how history often repeats itself? Well, if the 90s are making any sort of comeback, these dudes are the tide of the new wave. Post-rocky with lots of grit, Night Verses offer enough intensity to soften up the most pretentious hipsters and even lower the guards of the elitist scene kids. To them we tip our hats.

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