Will you review my band’s new album?

Sorry, but we don’t actually write reviews. We post News and conduct Interviews. And we have a page for Upcoming Releases.


Will you post news about my band or interview us?

You can pitch us via our Contact page. Please note that due to the volume of requests, we can’t reply to everyone.


You used my photo without permission and/or didn’t credit me. How can we fix this?

Please Contact us asap! We take intellectual property matters seriously.


What information of mine do you use when I visit your site?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.


What’s the deal with Ryan’s Rock Show? When did it start and what’s the story behind it?

Ryan’s Rock Show started in 2007. It began as a “radio show” and morphed into this music blog over time. You can read about how it began on the About Us page.