Comeback Kid Interview: Christian Hardcore, Career Highlights, & Technology

by | Sep 30, 2011

In the late 90’s, Jeremy Hiebert’s main goal as a young musician was to play in a band that sold 10,000 records. “I wanted to be on the road,” he comments. “I love [going] to a city that I’ve never been to, and [walking around to see it].” Being a musician, he says, is an ongoing “learn as you go” process — “You’ve got to jump in the deep end and swim to save your legs sometimes.”

As we chat over a late lunch outside a restaurant in the outskirts of L.A. County, the Comeback Kid guitarist reminisces on learning experiences over the band’s near decade-long career, and the interesting coincidences that have occurred along the way. As the waiter brings an appetizer of egg rolls to the table, Hiebert recalls a Georgia festival in the early 2000s, which, according to rumor, was one of The Chariot’s first-ever shows — a band Comeback Kid is currently on the road with supporting Underoath.

As the conversation shifts to Christian metal and hardcore, Hiebert mentions his first international touring band Figure Four, a Christian inspired hardcore group that was formed in 1996 by CBK bandmate Andrew Neufeld. He joined the band a few years prior to Comeback Kid’s formation.

Hiebert continues the conversation further discussing Figure Four, highlights from Comeback Kid’s career, and music & technology.

A few things to note about this interview: Comeback Kid is currently on the road with Underoath, The Chariot, and This Is Hell supporting their 2010 album Symptoms + Cures. Ryan’s Rock Show interviews with the aforementioned bands can be seen here, here, and here respectively. Jeremy Hiebert told us that the band is always “informally writing” new material, but plan to actually sit down early next year to begin work on ideas for a future release.

Front page & article photo by Dorothy Gilbert