I Am Abomination Interview on Ryan’s Rock Show

by | Jun 15, 2010

Months leading up to the death of Michael Jackson I went through this crazed MJ obsession where I couldn’t stop listening to “Dirty Diana”. Literally, I was smoking that song in my iPod for at least 60 days straight. So one day after his passing I was somberly searching for another variation of the track on YouTube, and I came across I Am Abomination’s interpretation of Jacko’s 1988 hit. Now I’m generally not big on bands that do covers like that, but this group’s rendition was pretty fucking sick. All they need is a music video with a wrestling ring and a skinny white kid breakdancing — we could have us another smooth criminal.

Anyway, if you aren’t too familiar with I Am Abomination, here are a few major points to note: they’re from the greater Detroit area (Taylor, MI to be exact), their vocalist Phil had no clue that he could sing until two weeks before the band formed, and they just released their Good Fight Music debut album, “To Our Forefathers”, in May. They also regularly steal food from Walmart, which I totally approve.

When I found out that these dudes were going to be in SoCal, I got a hold of vocalist Phil Druyor and drummer Paul Smith to arrange a meeting. And what better place to discuss all things abominable than at the nearest BK. I mean, I personally am not a fan of the artery-clogging goliath they call a Whopper — we just went there to loiter and to discuss everything I Am Abomination.

Beginning with their high school musical inspirations, here is I Am Abomination on Ryan’s Rock Show.

(From left to right: Paul Smith, Phil Druyor)

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