The Chariot Interview on Ryan’s Rock Show

by | Feb 15, 2011

Given the current state of the music industry, it’s often hard to know if a band creates art, or if they’re a manufactured product designed to sell. Half of the time at shows, it’s hard to tell if a band is playing for real, or if they’re playing to pre-recorded tracks. The Chariot vocalist Josh Scogin agrees.

“We know so many bands that aren’t playing for real, it’s all tracks. I get it if you’re Britney Spears or Garth Brooks, then who cares. But our world, the punk rock/rock & roll world, trickling into that world– that sucks.”

“He could totally drop dead right now and the music would go on, literally.”I invited The Chariot over for an afternoon chat to discuss art & music, the industry, and the younger generation of bands.

As you tour across the world, how often do you play with bands that stand out to you?

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