ALL HUMAN Offer a Sneak Peek into a New Track feat. Fear Before & Trophy Scars Vocalists

We’ve talked a lot about All Human over the years. The project of former Fear Before guitarist Adam Fisher (who also plays in Orbs) have been working on their next record, a follow up to Catholic Guilt or the Queerest of Thoughts. This one is called Teenagers, You Don’t Have to Die. 

Right now the band is finishing up work on the forthcoming sophomore effort. The record is on course to get mastered within the next month or two, so we anticipate it coming out shortly thereafter. Hopefully we wont have to wait as long as we did for Orbs 😉

Anyways, here’s another teaser. This is for a new track dubbed “Where’s My Upslope?,” which features former Fear Before bandmate David Marion along with Jerry Jones of Trophy Scars.