Annotations Of An Autopsy Writing New Music with New Lineup

by | Jul 23, 2010

Annotations Of An Autopsy have begun writing new material for release later in the year with a revamped lineup. The band comments on their lineup change:

“Sam Dawkins & Brad Merry are no longer in AOAA.”

“Sam decided to leave after te tour to follow home life with is girlfriend and loved ones, his heart wasnt into touring anymore so he made the decision to leave, we left on good terms and we wish that ugly prick the best of luck (HATE YOU SAM YOU BURGER LOVING FATTY).”

“We parted ways with brad recently do to a number of reasons, the main one being distance as he lived over 100 miles away from the rest of us and it made it very difficult for us to rehurse, that coupled with disagreements with certain band members made make the decision to part ways with him, He is currently looking for a new band within the london area and trying to go further with his MMA. You can reach him on his facebook if youre intrested in him drumming for you, just search Brad Merry.”

“Taking sams place we’d like to announce the return of Don Jones into the aoaa rank, Don is a guy who we’ve been playing in local bands with since we were all 14, for those of you who arent farmiliar with his name, he played on our Welcome To Sludgy City ep, The reason don hasnt been with the band any longer than the ep was other commitments stopping him from touring, but now we finally have him and its great to be working with him again, His first show with us will be Ieperfest!”

“Taking Brads place on drums is our long time friend Neil Hayward, we met neil a few years ago through playing some shows together, hes a great guy, likes skulls n that, metal n things. So please welcome him in! His first show will be at ieperfest.”

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