Are You Ready for a New Every Time I Die Album? Looks Like They’re Recording with Converge’s Kurt Ballou

Do you remember the first time we interviewed Andy Williams of Every Time I Die and had an in-depth convo with him about music and technology? He told us about his recording experiences with ETID and how he likes things to feel natural and real. “Sometimes the slightest fuck up on a guitar is something that sounds really cool — because it shows that you’re human.”

We’ve been posting a lot recently about ETID and how they’ve been at work writing material for a new record. Finally it looks like the band are getting ready to enter the studio — this time with the one and only Kurt Ballou of Converge. How’s that for raw and organic?

There aren’t too many details about this yet, but we presume the record will come out sometime this summer through Epitaph. Here’s a video of the band performing a new song that’s expected to appear on the album — it’s called “Thirst.”