Boyfrndz’s Van & Trailer Stolen in San Francisco

This is a serious bummer. Boyfrndz had their van and trailer stolen this morning in San Francisco and lost all of their gear. The van was parked on 1501 Grove St. and was stolen sometime between 1am-7am PST.

Here’s a list of everything that was stolen. If you can, donate to the band via PayPal on their website. Their new record Breeder comes out on Tuesday and they’re currently in the midst of an extensive US tour.

If anyone knows anything about the van, gear, or trailer, contact the band at or the SFPD at (415) 553-0123 (Police Report: #140209798)

Gear Stolen:
Emperor 6×12 speaker cabinet (wood finish)
Vox AC100cph guitar head
SKB pedal board including: MXR Graphic EQ, Boss DD3, Korg Pitch Black tuner, Line 6 DL-4, Boss PS-5, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, & Digitech vocal efx processor.
GK RB800 bass head
Ampeg 8×10 cabinet
Boss pedal case including: Big Muff, Digitech Synth, Eden DI, Korg Pitch Black, MOOR pitch shifter.
Boss pedal case including: Boss tuner, Boss DV3, Boss Dist., Ibanez ts-9, Boss Blues Driver, Electro Harmonix Holy Stain.
Fender Blues Deluxe combo amp
Epiphone ES-339 (sunburst)
Epiphone SG (Red)
Gibson SG (black)
Fibes (70’s era) Copper wrapped fiberglass drum kit
Paiste 24″ 2002
Iron Cobra Pedal
2 Zildjan 21″ sweet rides
AAX stage hats 14″
Zildjan rock hats
Ludwig Epic Centurion 14″ snare
Various stands, lights, cables
2 boxes t-shirts
Tons of EP, Natures, Breeder Vinyl.

Van & Trailer info:

99′ Ford E-150 (silver)
Van VIN:
Plate: CT8 K942

2007 Route 66 Cargo trailer 8×10′
Trailer VIN:
Plate: 90ZXBX