Counterparts Part with Drummer, Seek Replacement

by | Jul 11, 2011

Counterparts and drummer Chris Needham have parted ways. The band, set to enter the studio on August 22nd to track their Victory Records debut album, are seeking a replacement. Details follow:

Hey guys, if you want to talk to us about becoming our new drummer, hit up the band email account with some videos, a resume of sorts, and any other info you feel is important. Here are some requirements I can think of off the top of my head that you probably need: 

You need to like Saints Never Surrender.

You need to be able to drive. (If you’re good enough, this doesn’t matter. But it really helps)

You need to be out of school or at least willing to make the band your priority.

You need a passport, we need to be able to tour internationally.

You need to be willing to be on the road for several months out of the year. (No babies)

Tour experience would be preferred.

Also, you need to be okay with lyrical themes (such as atheism, being posi yet being down on yourself, equal rights, etc etc etc.)

Hopefully you have a way of income so you aren’t relying on the band for money.

You need to live close to Hamilton, whether it be in Canada or in the US. Or if not, you need a way of getting here for practices and all that.

And finally, be dynamic! We want someone that can play all types of stuff. Just because you can make drum videos playing along to August Burns Red doesn’t mean that you’ll fit in well with our band. 

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