Dance Gavin Dance’s Jonny Craig Under Fire for Allegedly Scamming Fans

by | Feb 21, 2011

Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig is under intense criticism for allegedly scamming fans online.

According to, Craig listed a MacBook computer for sale via his Twitter account last week. The report claims that Craig convinced a fan to wire transfer $600 in exchange for the laptop, which the fan never received.

“Later that week I ask him if [he sent the MacBook] out yet, he says no,” the fan recalls. “Then I see that he’s posted the laptop [on Twitter] even after I bought it. He claims it’s his twitter messing up, that I’m not getting screwed. Then some time later, I see another post and again I ask him about it, he claims it’s sent, and to give it until Friday, that if it’s not there by then he’d give me my full refund…Friday comes and I tell him that the laptop didn’t arrive, he says that he’s sorry and he’s on tour.”

Since the report surfaced online last Friday, more allegations have been made citing similar incidents with Craig.

A statement has yet to be released by Craig or his publicist regarding the issue.