Darkest Hour update: new video, new record

by | Oct 23, 2009

Darkest Hour have issued a statement on their current happenings, which includes a new music video and a new record. The band stated the following:

“We just completed an Uber killer video shoot with our close buddy Joseph Pattisall (Sound the Surrender, Demon(s)) for our new song “The Tides.” We’ll upload some photos and unveil some more info as the video comes together.

In other news, if you live in the DC area make sure to come out to our show Nov. 11, 2009 with fucking LAMB OF GOD at the 9:30 Club! GET STOKED!

All you Euros get ready cause DH is headed to your house next! Make sure to check out the January tour dates with Canada’s finest, Kataklysum (UP SOON)!

Until then were going back underground to work on the next record. Things are already coming together and as crazy as it sounds we can’t wait to get back in the studio and bang out some more jams!

Make sure to pick up an actual copy of the Eternal Return, OUT NOW!”

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