A DAY TO REMEMBER Wins $4M Lawsuit Against Victory Records

by | Nov 23, 2016

A Day To Remember won a huge lawsuit against Victory Records this week. An Illinois federal jury sided with the band and released them from their 2006 recording contract with the label, awarding the members $4 million of withheld proceeds from music and merch sales.

The legal dispute began back in 2011. To put it in plain English, ADTR said they fulfilled their recording contract with Victory — that they produced 5 albums for the label and claimed the label was withholding money as punishment for filing the lawsuit.

Victory’s lawyer disagreed. He said that live albums and compilations didn’t count as full records. And that they still had to produce a couple more.

Whatever the case, the jury believed that two filmed concerts released on iTunes did count. According to law360, those two concerts combined with the three recognized albums put ADTR at the bare minimum for a finding that the band had fulfilled the contract.

That’s one hefty check to write.

Photo: hartleyphoto.net

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