Dead Body Found, Then Venue Burns Down at 100 ONCES Show in Russia

by | Sep 12, 2015

You can’t make these things up. Apparently 100 Onces’ tour overseas hasn’t been much of a joyride. The band’s current trek across Russia was interrupted today when a dead body was discovered near the venue, and then the venue burnt to the ground.

The group was set to perform on a boat when a dead body washed to shore prior to their set. And if that isn’t eerie enough, right before taking the stage the place caught fire.

Guitarist Barrett Tuttobene said,

The fire started while we were inside it, and got out of hand really quickly. We had to keep running in and out of the venue to get all of our gear out. By the last trip in, I couldn’t see in front of me and almost passed out because of all the smoke.

Thankfully everyone made it out safe and nobody died during the fire.

Here’s a picture of the body that was discovered and a photo of the venue in flames.

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