DEAD CROSS (ex-Slayer, The Locust): Stream “We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead”

by | Mar 18, 2016

You know that band Dead Cross we’ve been talking about? It’s the new band with Dave Lombardo of Slayer and members of The Locust and Retox.

The band recorded their debut album with Ross Robinson (Glassjaw, At The Drive-In, The Blood Brothers), and released the first song off it.

Lombardo told Rolling Stone,

This band provokes my aggression. We, Ross included, all have fearless musical mindsets. Our collective résumés definitely reflect that. I believe that when you have musicians in a room that share that particular attribute, it takes you to another level in every way. With this band, I play harder, I play faster, and I play with the fury that this music demands. Each member brings a great deal of intensity and skill to the table. It’s invigorating to work with them.

They’ll be performing at Vancouver’s Modified Ghost Festival on April 9th, and then with the Melvins and Napalm Death at the Troubadour in LA on May 9th. Details for the debut record are TBA.

Here’s their track “We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead.”

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