Eureka the Butcher (ex-The Mars Volta, Zechs Marquise) to Release ‘Music For Mothers’ Debut Album in May

by | Apr 25, 2013

Eureka the Butcher, the solo project of Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez of Zechs Marquise and ex-The Mars Volta, will release its debut album Music For Mothers in May.

The album is dedicated to Rodriguez-Lopez’s mother Frances Sarah Rodriguez-Lopez, who passed away last year.

“This record was made all over the world while on tour with The Mars Volta and Zechs Marquise, and at home when I was on break,” said Rodriguez-Lopez. “I worked on it in buses, vans, planes, dressing rooms, airports, hotel rooms, backyards, sidewalks, just about everywhere. Music for Mothers is a testament to how much waiting around you do while on the road. It was a very rough time for my family and I, and this record was my therapy. My mom is my biggest fan and she gave me the drive, confidence, and clarity to start and finish this album.”

Music For Mothers comes out May 28th via Rodriguez Lopez Productions. Here’s a song from it called “Here Comes Eureka B”: