Former As Cities Burn Members Formed a New Band, Dead Talk

by | May 20, 2014

It’s been a while since we mentioned anything about As Cities Burn. The last we posted was when they did their farewell tour in 2012 with O’Brother, and then joined Underoath’s farewell run in early 2013. You know Letlive was also on the Underoath trek?

If you’ve been a longtime RRS reader, you may remember an early interview we did with As Cities Burn at the Troubadour in 2008. We chatted with Cody Bonnette and Colin Kimble about the lessons they learned over the years, and some of the pet peeves they developed on the music industry.

Bonnette told us, “Sometimes I feel like the music industry is a lie, a facade. Certain bands will be on the cover of certain magazines and [they’ll] be like ‘this is the next big thing.’ And it’s only because their label put money behind it. The sad thing is that sometimes people will just believe it.”

Despite the harshness of the music industry, it hasn’t been stopping Bonnette from creating new tunes. He and ACB guitarist Chris Lott have formed a new project called Dead Talk. They’ll be playing at Chelsea’s Cafe in Baton Rouge, LA on May 31st. We’ll keep you posted on more.

Here’s a stream of As Cities Burn’s 2009 album Hell or High Water.

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