Former Kyuss Members File Lawsuit Over Band Name

by | Mar 11, 2012

Former Kyuss members Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Scott Reeder have filed a federal lawsuit against ex-band members John Garcia and Brant Bjork over the band name Kyuss Lives! for “trademark infringement and consumer fraud.”

Today Reeder and Homme released a statement through PR firm Nasty Little Man:

“It sucks. To think we went to a meeting in January solely to help them with their request to continue Kyuss Lives!  With open arms, we made every attempt to help them continue Kyuss Lives! respectfully.  Only to discover while they looked us in the eye, Kyuss Lives! management and band had filed federal documents in 2011 in an attempt to steal the name Kyuss. This is desperately what we were trying to avoid. It’s a sad day for us and for John  – but most of all for the fans. What a needless mess.”

Last year Garcia, Bjork, and bassist Nick Oliveri reformed as Kyuss Lives! for a series of tours.

Interestingly enough, Reeder played a handful of European dates with Kyuss Lives! last year as a fill-in for Oliveri, reports Rolling Stone.

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