Get Involved (Glassjaw, Thursday) to Release “Silk Cuts” EP in March

A few years ago when former Glassjaw guitarist Todd Weinstock came over to our spot for an interview, he was in the middle of remixing a Klaxons song for producer Ross Robinson. He came over on a lunch break and told us some tricks he learned from the legendary producer.

“[Robinson] focuses way more on the overall picture that I feel like people miss,” he said. “If the vibe is right, it’s all gonna be right.”

The vibe between both of these dudes always seems to be on the right track. Robinson, as you know, produced the first two Glassjaw albums, and he recently finished work on the debut EP from Weinstock’s new band Get Involved, which also features former members of Thursday and From Autumn To Ashes. We’ve been waiting on it for a while and it’s finally getting put out in March.

The EP is titled Silk Cuts and it will be available digitally on March 4th through Redfield Records. Here’s their song “Apathy.”