Gloe have started tracking their debut album

by | Apr 3, 2017

Are you ready for new Gloe music? We sure as hell are. The band have entered the studio to begin recording their full-length debut album. Wait ’til you see this teaser.

The group is currently holed away at Interlace Audio in Portland, Oregon. They’re recording with Stephan Hawkes — who’s produced a bunch of bands including Chelsea Grin, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo and a bunch others.

The guys spent two years writing these songs, so we’re stoked to hear what comes out of it.

If you’re a Salt Lake City resident, you might be able to hear some new jams before the rest of us. On April 26th they’ll be playing at Metro with Thank You Scientist. And on May 24th they’ll be performing at The Loading Dock with A Lot Like Birds.

Here’s that teaser to get you in the mood:

Photo: FB