Jonny Craig Kicked Out of Dance Gavin Dance

by | Feb 8, 2012

Dance Gavin Dance have reportedly kicked out frontman Jonny Craig due to his ongoing issues with drug abuse.

On Tuesday, an anonymous Tumblr page published undated photos of Craig using heroin.

The anonymous poster, reportedly a good friend of Craig’s, commented, “I’m releasing [these photos] because I’m legitimately angry with Jonny, and I feel like people need to know what is really going on.  I personally lost all respect for him after he told me the only thing he regretted from the macbook scandal was ‘getting caught’. This is only the beginning, ill be releasing many more pictures and actual video of him talking about his scams.”

Dance Gavin Dance and Rise Records have yet to comment on the situation. Absolutepunk is reporting that former vocalist Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds) and Matt Geise (Lower Definition) will handle vocal duties on the band’s upcoming tour.

Update 2/8 3:38pm PSTDance Gavin Dance has issued a statement saying they have not kicked out Craig, but cannot currently tour with him.

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