Lamb of God to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Survivors Needing Reconstructive Nipple Tattooing

by | Oct 4, 2011

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, Chris Adler, and Willie Adler will help raise money for breast cancer survivors who need financial assistance in receiving reconstructive nipple tattooing.

The band has teamed up with Pink Ink Fund and Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant to hold a fundraising event in Richmond, Virgina on October 6th. Details follow:

Thursday, October 6th at Mekong Restaurant
6004 West Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220

Fundraising event runs from 7pm-11pm

**This is neither a concert nor a venue, but purely a charity event. There is no admission charge, but donations are suggested and appreciated.**

Night of 10/6/2011
MEKONG $100 Gift Certificate
Trademark Tattoo $100 Gift Certificate
$75 gift certificate to Cinebistro
Zoom H4n Handy recorder ($299 MSRP)
Thinksound Rain HD headphones ($99 MSRP)
Lamb of God used cymbal – autographed
Lamb of God Congregation 1 year membership and package (online access, shirt/patch)
Lamb of God Hourglass 3 CD anthology, includes 18 rare or never-before-heard songs
Lamb of God iPhone 3G aluminum case
Two books and a shirt Adler pack: The Making of New American Gospel Drum Tablature, Short stories, and Reflections – personally autographed, The Making of Palaces Drum Tablature, Short stories, and Reflections, Chris Adler T-shirt
Gojira shwag bag – shirt, hoodie, and CD
A mystery date with WILLIE ADLER
Original art piece by Mario Duplantier (Gojira, Drummer)
Lamb of God used microphone – autographed by Randy
Lamb of God Hourglass 3 CD anthology, includes 18 rare or never-before-heard songs (signed)
Amy Black
3125 W. Cary St. 2nd floor~Richmond, VA 23221
Proud Partners with Richmond Plastic Surgeons for the permanent re-pigmentation and reconstructive tattooing.
Over a decade of professional, private and personal service experience.
Offering permanent nipple and areola re-pigmentation (reconstructive tattooing for nipple/areola post mastectomy).
Nipple re-pigmentation services offered at St. Mary’s Bon Secours Hospital and Carytown parlor location.
Private. Appointment Only. Clean. Friendly. Certified.
Best Tattoo Artist of Richmond, VA 2011 by Style Weekly
Best Tattoo Parlors 2011 by Style Weekly

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