MAMMOTH: Band to Release “Deviations”

by | Aug 30, 2016

You may remember last year when we introduced you to Mammoth, the colossal progressive metal band from LA.  These guys are no joke. And now Mammoth are on course to releasing a new full length album called Deviations.

Deviations is the band’s fifth studio release. It clocks in around 40 minutes and was mixed by A.J. Minette of The Human Abstract, who they’ve worked with in the past.

Guitarist Wes Thrailkill said the record is their best one yet:

Sonically I can describe this collection of music in direct relation to how my life has transpired over time. It is continually deviating from predisposition while still exposing random junctures that begin to materialize as less arbitrary to when they were first encountered.

The band is currently in the mastering stage of the album. To help finance the release they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign — and there are some pretty neat pre-order bundles worth looking into. You can donate to that here.

Until we get our hands on new music, here’s a stream of Mammoth’s 2015 EP, Innate: