Opeth bus accident suicide attempt by at-fault driver

by | Oct 16, 2009

According to Opeth vocalist/guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt, the band’s recent bus crash turns out to be a suicide attempt by the at-fault driver. Akerfeldt posted the following statement on his Myspace:

I just got a text from Mendez who saying that the driver of the other car (who made the U-turn) that our bus crashed into, sadly passed away from his injuries. On top of that it seems as if it was a deliberate death-stunt from his side as the police had found a suicide-letter in the car-wreck.

This is just getting more odd and scary I tell ya.

I’ve no idea who he was but I have to say our condoleances goes out to his family and loved ones anyways either though we don’t have a name at this point.

I’m kinda lost for words here.

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