Portugal. The Man To Release ‘American Ghetto’ in March

by | Feb 11, 2010

Portugal. The Man have set March 2nd as the release date for their upcoming album, “American Ghetto”. Guitarist/vocalist John Gourley commented:

“We have had several talks about what this album is and what it should be and how we should release it. This has obviously taken some time and is the main reason I have waited to post this blog. This album is a very important one to me. It is very personal and it is very much a part of this band. It is a part of our growth and a part of our future. It is something that I strongly felt needed to be something for all of you, something for the people that have supported this band. We worked hard to save enough money to self-finance this record, something we could not have done without you. As much as it was discussed, we honestly feel that American Ghetto is something best left for all of you to do with as you please. On March 2nd we will make this record available to you, press, radio, retail, etc. Nobody gets the record early; we will not be soliciting reviews, airplay or any support from the industry. It is up to you to tweet about #americanghetto or to share or to send friends to buy. If you want to write/blog/play American Ghetto, March 2nd is your opportunity. It will be the same for everyone. We love all of you very much and appreciate every bit of the support. It means everything and exists only with your continued support. This album is yours, we will be doing a handful of these throughout the future of the band. Join mailing lists and follow on twitter. Send your friends. Lets take this to the next step.”

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