Saudade: Deftones, Crosses, Bad Brains project recording

by | Sep 25, 2017

Over a year ago we told you about Saudade. It’s a project that features Deftones frontman Chino Moreno with members of Bad Brains, Crosses and Medeski Martin & Wood

Last time we checked in the band had nearly a full album’s worth of material written — that’s 12 to 13 songs. And by the looks of it, they’ve been in the studio recording.

That’s right. Chino Moreno, Dr. Know (Bad Brains), John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood), Mackie Jayson (Cro-Mags, ex-Bad Brains) and Chuck Doom (Crosses) appear to be tracking material for a future release.

Over the weekend Chuck Doom posted the following photo on Instagram from Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY — the same place that hosted that rad Team Sleep in-studio/album performance a few years back.

Anyways, from what we hear, the project is all about a group of friends having fun. And while we don’t expect Chino to be doing much singing with this endeavor, word on the street is that he will be playing guitar.

A peek in the studio…

Photo: Sam Haines

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