So Ben Weinman & Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Collaborated with Kimbra

Do you think we made Ben Weinman a little uncomfortable when we interrogated him last year?  We couldn’t hold ourselves back from asking him about the many unusual musical collaborations he’s been involved with — Jeffree Star, Lou Pearlman (the man behind Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync), among others. And what about Omar Rodriguez-Lopez — he told us all about working with the world-famous producer Ross Robinson when At The Drive-In recorded Relationship of Command.

So what does Ben Weinman and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez have in common? Well, aside from being monsters on guitar and being linked indirectly with Killer Be Killed (a band that features members of The Dillinger Escape Plan and & ex-The Mars Volta), they’ve both collaborated on new songs with Kimbra.

Perhaps you remember a while back when Kimbra went public about her love for Dillinger — now it’s for real, for real. Both Weinman and Rodriguez-Lopez contributed to songs that will appear as bonus tracks to the deluxe edition of her forthcoming album The Golden Echo, which hits streets on August 18th.

We’ll keep on it for when these tracks surface online. But for now, here’s footage of Weinman performing with Kimbra at Webster Hall in NYC a couple years ago. (ain’t that drummer’s hair rad?)