That’s Six Years of Prison Style Workouts for Tim Lambesis

by | May 16, 2014

When Tim Lambesis’ estranged wife Meggan Lambesis spoke in court about his attempt to kill her, she said she believed he’d been fantasizing about doing it for some time. She quoted one of his favorite lines from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall where he shoots his wife and says, “Consider that a divorce.” Pretty heavy stuff — especially since the vocalist has an Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired band called Austrian Death Machine.

But it doesn’t look like Lambesis will be back anytime soon. Today he was sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife.

According to, Lambesis told his wife in court that “I do feel deep remorse. I want to thank you. For her prayers, which proves you still have the heart that you do.”

His defense attorney tried to say that his use of steroids “morphed” him into a different person, causing him to snap. But Judge Carlos Armour said that when other men use steroids they don’t plot to kill their wives, and that there’s “something twisted inside a character” that would do such a thing.

Austrian Death Machine recently released their crowdfunded album Triple Brutal, and there had been a lot of speculation that the funds weren’t going to the right place. Not only that, but Lambesis self-released a statement about the current status of As I Lay Dying last month, without telling any of the other members, management, or label.

The interesting thing about the statement he released was that he had other projects in the works. Does that mean he’s got new music recorded and will release it while in prison? We’ll see.

To quote Arnold in Total Recall, “You eediot!”